Take a look at some of our videos...

Our Redbird FMX Full Motion Simulator

This is our full motion Redbird FMX simulator with a G1000 glass instrument panel.  The Redbird Insight add-on allows students in the classroom to see the exterior of the plane on an LCD projector screen complete with a picture in picture, live video feed of the pilot inside the cockpit!  ONLY AT CORONA HIGH!

If you are unable to watch it in full screen, click the play button, then click the YouTube link at the bottom right of the video to open the video in YouTube.  From there, you can watch in full screen, and up to 4K resolution by clicking the settings (gear)  button.

Our Fly This Sim Touch Trainer FM210 Simulator

The FM210 Simulator features 6, 60"LCD TV screens aligned vertically to provide a 180 degree field of view.  Using X-Plane software, it gives very life like and accurate depictions of the airport environment, signs and markings.  Additionally, with the FM210's touch screen, students can quickly switch between day and night as well as change to a variety of instrument panels.  It also allows students to switch from single to multi-engine and aircraft from Cessna and Piper.  ONLY AT CORONA HIGH!

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EAA Young Eagles Flight 

Corona High Aviation students have the opportunity to fly for free with the EAA Young Eagles program.  EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association) pilots volunteer their aircraft and their time to fly kids age 8-17.  Check out our LINKS page for links to get signed up for your first flight.  Thank you to EAA Chapter 1 at the Flabob Airport in Riverside for helping our kids get into the air!

United Airlines Flight Operations Tour at LAX

Thanks to United Airlines, Corona High Aviation students had the opportunity to visit the United Airlines Flight Operations Department at LAX.  Students had the chance to visit a briefing room, the flight attendant room, the primary flight operations area, and a massive maintenance hangar.  As a bonus, students got to fully explore a Boeing 787 Dreamliner!  Thanks United!!