"A mile of highway will take you one mile.  A mile of runway can take you anywhere."


"Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you long to return."

- Leonardo da Vinci

"In life, you're either a passenger,

or a pilot.  It's up to YOU!"


Students said...

"On October 12, 2019, I took a Young Eagles flight at Flabob Airport (KRIR) in a Cessna 152A.  We did a mini preflight check then got into the airplane.  We did the before start engine checklist then the start engine checklist.  We taxied onto the runway he helped me with the controls as we took off, then we flew the pattern.  It was really fun to fly the plane and easier than the simulator!"

- Andrew C.

"My Young Eagles experience at Corona Airport was great.  The people there were very polite.  There were so many awesome planes.  It was so cool!  When we took off, we went over Corona High, Centennial and Santiago.  We were only in the air for ten minutes.  When we came down to land, it was smooth, and I had butterflies in my stomach.  When we landed, they gave me a certificate, and I headed home."

- Chris B.

"My first small airplane flight was fantastic!  Previously, I had only flown on large airliner, however there is a large difference between the two.  I flew with pilot James Meeker in a Vans RV-6 (N391KF), which was a great experience.  His two seater, sleek looking plane, glimmered a metallic purple, which caught the eyes of all.  He briefed me before the flight letting me know what I could do, and shouldn't do.  Finally, we were heading down the taxiway swiveling around so we could see over the engine.  I took my feet of the pedals as we were ready to take off.  He then gave the call and announced our departure.  We have lift off!   A warm but good feeling came to my stomach as we banked away from the Flabob airport in Riverside.  Being in the air opened a whole new world to me, which was previously undiscovered.  Whilst in the air, Meeker gave me the opportunity to fly the plane around the downtown areas.  It was super fun and an unforgettable moment for myself.  I look forward to taking more Young Eagle flights in the future!"  - 

"On October 12, 2019, I took my second flight with the Young Eagles in a CubCraft airplane.  The Young Eagles are a group of pilots that vounteer their time, gas and plane to fly kids around for about 30 minutes.   They even let us fly the plane.  The plan I flew had a stick which is so much easier than flying with a yoke simply because the movements are more natural.  I flew the plan from about 50 feet off the ground until 50 feet before landing.  I told the pilot how I was in the Corona High Aviation program so he let me use the rudder too.  We did steep turns, normal turns as well as climbs and descents.  At the end fot eh flight, he said that I was a natural and that I did better than most pilots he takes up in the plane"

- Curtis M.

"I took a Young Eagles flight on October 12th at Flabob Airport in Riverside.  Before the flight, I was excited, but also nervous because I haven't been in a plane of any kind for about six years.  The plane I got to fly in was an Aeronca Champion, with big, bush plane style wheels.  During the flight, I sat in the back seat, and the take of and landing was from the grass strip in between the taxiway and the runway.  After takeoff, I was fiven control of the plane for the majority of the flight, where I was asked to perform climbs, turns and descents.  Midway through the flight, the pilot asked if I liked roller coasters, and I said yes.  He took the controls, and pitched the pland down, where it felt like you would have hit the ceiling without the seat belt, and then back up where it pushed me into my seat.  He did that a few times.  After that, I was given back the controls, and we continued back to the airport, where I also performed pattern entry, and flew up until the final.  The pilot took the controls for the landing, and we settled onto the ground safely.  In total, the flight lasted about twenty minutes."

-Ethan L.